Antique Urns & Planters 

Our stock of antique & vintage urns and planters typically ranges from very old items such as early carved stone urns to relatively modern but well weathered composition stone planters. The output of premium makers such as Haddonstone and Chilstone can be completely transformed after twenty or thirty years outside and are sometimes included in this section. There is also great scope to reuse salvaged objects and we aim to hold a selection of characterful containers such as old copper planters, vintage galvanised troughs and old cast iron troughs

  • £125 In Stock

    Item no:1931

    A vintage cast-iron trough from Cumbria of rectangular form with good planting depth and drainage through the base. 19th century. 

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  • £125 In Stock

    Item no:2026

    A vintage cast iron planter, round in shape with ten original iron partitions. Sometimes called a 'Mexican hat', this was originally a farm trough for feeding pigs. It is now drilled through the base for drainage and makes an excellent planter for flowers and herbs. 19th Century 

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  • £150 In Stock

    Item no:1856

    A vintage cast iron trough of tapered rectangular form with a flat rim and an original drainage hole through the base. This trough is a good shape and size to be used as a garden planter.  19th or early 20th century

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  • £180 In Stock

    Item no:1998

    An antique terracotta oil jar from Portugal with an attractive weathered look and an impressed maker's motif. This mid-sized oil jar is slightly misshapen reflecting it's handmade utilitarian origin. 19th or early 20th century.

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  • £275 In Stock

    Item no:2003

    An antique cast-iron trough of rectangular form with a plain rim and ring handles at each end. This trough is a very good shape and depth to be reused as a garden planter and has drainage holes through the base.  19th century. 

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  • £320 In Stock

    Item no:2028

    An antique copper round planter with a flat rim and raised seams and drainage through the base. This planter has a good weathered patination and is ideal for planting with plants that are prone to slug damage, such as hostas. 19th century  

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  • £395 In Stock

    Item no:1997

    A vintage terracotta oil jar from Portugal of typical form with a drainage hole towards the base. This jar is in good overall condition with a relatively bright terracotta colouration. Early 20th century. 

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  • £425 In Stock

    Item no:2001

    An antique stone urn, the ribbed bowl with a deeply scalloped rim raised on a two-part scrolled base. Carved from limestone, this unusual jardiniere has an attractive lichen-encrusted patination and good depth for planting with flowers.  19th century. 

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  • £650 In Stock

    Item no:1988

    An antique terracotta oil jar with twin handles over impressed maker's stamps. This may be an old English oil jar since jars of this type were apparently once used for storing linseed oil, an ingredient for making paint. This is a particularly good example which is larger than most and in very sound condition.  19th century.

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  • £695 In Stock

    Item no:1996

    An antique terracotta oil jar from Portugal of typical form, the bulbous body tapering to a narrow base. This is a good sized early example which is inscribed with the producer's name 'Jose Gonzalez'. 19th or early 20th century. 

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  • £1,250 In Stock

    Item no:1961

    An interesting antique sandstone font, the octagonal basin raised on a stepped octagonal column. This font has been in a private west Worcestershire garden for many years but it's previous history is intriguing. There are several carved inscriptions including one reading 'Font from St Peter's and St Paul's Wolverhampton 1650'. The Catholic parish of St...

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  • £1,450 In Stock

    Item no:2036

    An antique stone finial urn with a leaf carved body raised on a fluted stone column. Carved from pale Portland limestone this urn forms a strong vertical element which could be very effective in a variety of locations. It also has the quiet charm of a genuine antique. 18th or 19th century. 

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Holloways sell garden antiques and garden ornament, antique pots and planters, salvaged garden ornament and reclaimed garden ornament from our courtyards around the family farm, near Malvern in Worcestershire. We specialise in old English stone including old farm troughs, millstones and staddle stones. We also have a range of interesting garden sculpture, garden statues and contemporary garden art.

We are situated in the beautiful English countryside and a visit to see our collection is never wasted. You can browse for hours in the extensive courtyards where you might find an old stone cider mill complete with millstone, a stone tough for planting alpines, an early 20th century lead urn, or a contemporary sculpture to use as a garden centrepiece. All will make your garden unique.

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